Experience Greece

Experience Greece Like Never Before: Expand your knowledge! Enrich your life!  
  Unveil Hidden Gems, Share Unique Stories and Lifelong learning programs
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By Ef-Zin Greece project:
We redefine hospitality by creating meaningful relationships, exchanging experiences and sharing stories with those who visit or travel to Greece.
We take visitors to destinations we love to share and lesser-known hidden gems with unique stories to tell.
We aim to foster mutual understanding and appreciation by connecting visitors with locals.
We believe in facilitating cultural and social exchanges that promote dialogue between different cultures and people, which is one of the main aims of Cosmos of Culture organization.  
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Innovation and Originality
  • Friends of Cosmos of Culture invite us into their homes to enjoy the hospitality, lively conversation, and shared experiences in a welcoming fellowship. 
  • We immerse ourselves in Greek culture by adopting their favorite habits such as preparing and enjoying food together and engaging in leisurely discussions without feeling rushed. 
  • Additionally, we explore off-the-beaten-path locations that aren't typically included in tours. 
  • We also have the opportunity to listen to and share personal stories directly from locals living in Greece.

Seminars and Workshops

We encourage you to blend cultural visits with educational programs and workshops that align with your interests. We collaborate with experts in their respective fields to provide a comprehensive experience that combines ongoing education with high-quality entertainment and well-being.

Custom Made Programs

It would be our pleasure to arrange a customized program for you and your team, ensuring a tailored visit to Greece that meets your specific needs!

  • In Athens and selected areas of Attica region throughout the year.
  • On the island of Santorini (on fixed dates every spring and autumn).
  • In other parts of Greece that will be announced each time at
Tailor-made programs
Do you have a program in mind that you would like us to create? Contact us, and we'll work together to create a tailor-made program that suits your interests.