Vision & Mission 

For us, travel is a holistic experience and the creation of a community of people worldwide who care to really get to know a place, people, nature, and environment, who share stories with knowledge, dialogue, and the ability to share!

To promote cultural exchange through travel, culture, educational programs, storytelling and other means.
To provide substantial and quality services.
To encourage everyone to participate for a positive impact on visitors, communities, and ecosystems.
Our programs of Ef-Zin Greece are based on the following principles:
Slow Living
Refers to a lifestyle that is relaxed yet substantial, allowing individuals to become familiar with the place they visit, its people, customs, traditions, and stories. The main objective is to encourage people of all ages to participate without any strict schedules or hurry, to avoid stress and to enjoy and develop relationships genuinely.
Regenerative Travel
Our actions inspire visitors to participate positively in regenerative travel by supporting the local community and economy, respecting its residents, and taking a genuine interest in their way of life.
Connecting with the social action of Cosmos of Culture
EF-Zin Greece builds relationships of trust with visitors and local communities. This connection also enables Cosmos of Culture to carry out actions that support its social work, such as helping people in need, protecting the environment, nature, and ecosystems, preserving cultural heritage, and promoting contemporary culture.
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