16 Apr

The mild winter and warm weather in April are already drawing people to the beaches. Athens, being a capital with a vast coastal front, provides easy access to the sea for a peaceful walk, coffee, or food. You can use the metro or the tram, which will quickly take you to one of the countless nearby beaches.

Moreover, Athens also has its mountains, such as Imittos, Parnitha, Penteli, and Dionysus, where you can see many species of blooming wild orchids, daffodils, and stumps. You can also spot foxes, deer, and other wild animal tracks, indicating that ecosystems still survive around the city, although they need our protection.

You can enjoy a walk by the sea on easily accessible paths in the surrounding mountains and feel the spring awakening of nature. Higher up, you might encounter magical creatures such as foxes that are coming closer and closer to residential areas in the suburbs adjacent to the mountain.

It is essential to recognize the interdependence of all living things, including people, animals, plants, and minerals. Therefore, we should respect the world and care for the ecosystems around us.

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