11 Jun

Meals around a Greek table are an utmost serious matter that must not be left to fate. What is the connection between these meals and the ancient Greek symposium, you ask?

The symposium was a ceremony in ancient Greece specifically designed for wine drinking-and discussion among male citizens. Today, we connect it to the tradition of sitting at a table long after the meal is over. In antiquity, the symposium consisted of two parts: the meal and the wine drinking that followed, during which citizens discussed a particular topic.

Symposium and modern common meals offer insights into the ways we gather and share food. From the ancient Greek symposium, where people came together to discuss philosophy and politics over a communal meal, to the modern trend of communal meals in restaurants and homes, there is much to explore. By understanding the history and evolution of these practices, we can deepen our appreciation for the role that food plays in bringing people together and fostering community. 

Today, we still gather with family, friends, and acquaintances around a table, sharing food, drink, stories, laughter, and sometimes even heated debates. We discuss everything from everyday issues to global affairs, finding solutions and strengthening our bonds.

Inviting someone to eat is not simple. It requires time and attention, and the invitation is not just about eating and drinking but also about spending quality time with our friends, old and new alike.

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