01 Apr

The website of Ef-Zin Greece is now live, along with its blog. Our aim is to share with you, as well as our friends, things about Greece that we love very much!

We want to show you what this country includes through relevant articles, presentations, acquaintances, and storytelling. We promote Greece and invite you to get to know its way of life, its places, and its people as we live it.

At Ef-Zin Greece, we believe that knowing something doesn’t have to be time-straining. We adopt the philosophy of slow living and travel, which means we’re interested in coming into real contact with the place and its people and supporting them. After all, Ef-Zin Greece is a project of Cosmos of Culture, a cultural and educational non-profit organization. Therefore, we want all our programs and Ef-Zin Greece to have a social impact and benefit everyone. 

Here, we write about what impresses us, the experiences we gain, the stories we hear, and the visits we make, and we want to share them with you. Our topics are many and varied, but we always focus on the country and its interaction with other peoples, cultural exchanges, and contacts.

 If you're interested, stay tuned, we hope to meet you in person at some point, and we'll be happy to receive your news and comments at info@efzingreece.org

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